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5 must-have sims 4 lighting mods to make your game look better

A short and sweet list of the best lighting mods for an ✧.*aesthetic✧.* sims 4 game!

I mentioned in my best sims 4 gshade and reshade post that I use lighting mods along with shaders. Here is a list of the ones that I currently use!

best sims 4 lighting mods

You do have to be careful when using certain mods that adjust things like lighting because they can conflict with each other. That’s why I’m only suggesting these five.

And since I use them in my own game, I know that they are compatible with each other.

If you already have any lighting mods, make sure to check that they will work with these before downloading!

If you want to save this list for later, you can hover over any of the images and click the pin button📌

sunblind by softerhaze

This is a fully custom, realistic lighting overhaul created for The Sims 4. Make sure to read the installation instructions on this one because the process is different than most mods!

NoGlo v2 by luumia

This mod helps get rid of the halo effect and blue-ish lighting on sims.

NoBlu v2 by luumia

As the name indicates, it removes a lot of the blue from the in-game lighting. I have the gameplay version.

gentle cas lighting mod by northern siberia winds

This creates better lighting in cas, such as giving sims a soft glow and shadows. Since I take a lot of cas screenshots, this is a total must-have!

better in-game lighting mod by northern siberia winds

This creates brighter and cleaner lighting both outdoors and indoors. I have the ‘average base light rooms’ version.

If you have any questions about these mods, reach out to the creators or leave a comment down below and I’ll help if I can!

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