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BEST Sims 4 CC Packs w/ Links to Download (July 2024)

Here are all the must-download sims 4 cc packs, updated every single month!

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Sims 4 CC Packs

I absolutely love custom content packs. They make it SO easy to get a bunch of new cc. Here’s where I share the ones I find while searching for cc for lookbooks.

Most of the cc packs are maxis match, with an occasional alpha cc pack if it’s really good.

If you want even more cc to download, here’s where I post my individual cc finds.

July 2024

the bbq pack

created by dogsill

Flora & Fauna Clutter Pack

created by Moriel

Bistro Expanded

created by peacemaker

Fast Love Set

created by b0t0xbrat

Unify CC Pack Update

created by nucrests

the Downtown cc set

created by okruee

The Capsule Collection

created by oakiyo

Chic Bedroom CC Pack

created by Bostyny

June 2024

Outside Lunch Dining CC Pack

created by Pierisim

Lift! A Fitness Clothing CC Pack

created by Serenity

Short n’ Sweet Set

created by JolieBean

Dash Collection

created by arethabee

Urban City V

created by Rusty

Breeze Set

created by caio

Re-routine Maxis Match Living Room CC Pack

created by KKB

2024 Summer Wedding Dress Collection

created by aeyliia

modern classic living room sims 4 cc pack

created by sixam cc

isaro shoe collection

created by jius-sims

lacoast summer cc pack

created by HuiEn

challenger sporty sim cc pack

created by imvikai & oakiyo

STEFAN bedroom

created by pierisim

party collection 06

created by Jius-sims

the sunset collection

created by sentate

the yacht collection

created by greenllamas

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Sunday 30th of June 2024

Thank you so much for featuring my wedding dress collection 🥹💕


Monday 1st of July 2024

of course 💕 I love it so much!