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12 Best Sims 4 ReShade and GShade Presets in 2024

Shaders for the sims are such a personal preference. What you’ll like in your game is totally dependent on your aesthetic, but there are SO many out there to choose from. It’s honestly overwhelming.

To make it easier for you to find the right one, I’ve gathered a list of the current best reshade and gshade presets for all different aesthetics.

sims 4 reshade/gshade presets

I do use other lighting mods in my game that I highly recommend using along with these presets so that they look even better.

In case you were wondering, I’m currently using the radiance and sassy frassy gshade presets for most of my screenshots. They both give my game a bright, fun, and colorful aesthetic.

To give you an accurate depiction of how these presets compare to each other, I’ve used the same sim, room, and house for all of the pictures.

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images showing off the white willow gshade for the sims 4

white willow gshade

created by tiana berrie

images showing off the boho dreams reshade for the sims 4

boho dreams reshade

created by neecxle

images showing off the choco vibes gshade for the sims 4

choco vibes gshade

created by lisa trait

images showing off the radiance reshade for the sims 4

radiance reshade & gshade preset

created by misslollypop

images showing off the ember gshade for the sims 4

ember gshade

created by fantayzia

images showing off the dopamine reshade for the sims 4

dopamine reshade

created by simdriella

images showing off the pearl gshade for the sims 4

pearl gshade

created by amelie

images showing off the sassy frassy gshade for the sims 4

sassy frassy gshade

created by midsummermoon20

images showing off the sonata gshade for the sims 4

sonata gshade

created by lotusplum

images showing off the rose milk tea gshade for the sims 4

rose milk tea gshade

created by malixa

images showing off the mist reshade for the sims 4

mist reshade & gshade preset

created by tiana berrie

serotonin v2 reshade & gshade preset

created by theblondesimmer

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